The Carpenter Family came for a couple of days of great family fun!  Everyone got to ski and they went home a fantastic family video of their time at Jodi's Ski Skool

Displaced by Hurricane Fiona the Able family comes to Jodi's Ski Skool for some much needed R&R.  The family story is one of hardship that is nearly beyond belief.  The fellowship, teamwork and determination is more than uplifting.  Watch this video then enjoy the family as they enjoy the Banana Boat Ride at Jodi's Ski Skool.

You know what they say about "All work and no play"  At Jodi's Ski Skool we let loose on the weekends and have a little fun.  One of the latest and sometimes the funnest additions here at the skool is the Banana boat!  Great for kids and adults!

Of course we go easy on the kids and there are no restrictions for the adults.  Best you hold on!!!

Banana Boat is always a hit (or should we say splash)

Able Family kids get to take turns on the Banana Boat.  What a great fun afternoon for all.

The Adults turn