Jodi's Ski Skool "Eye in the Sky"

With Dozens of videos produced we just know you will be thrilled!

From the first time skier learning on the bar to the highly experienced competitor everyone can enjoy the footage taken by the Jodi's Ski Skool "Eye in the Sky"  Those who are just learning can use the videos to share with family and friends who can not come to the Ski Skool to watch in person and even document the levels in achievement over time.  Families who come once or more times a year can use these videos as a way of preserving treasured family moments.  Even the professionals can use these videos to fine tune many aspects of their skills and training by being able to view their technique from a totally different angle then most.  There are many reasons to have your skiing documented by our famous Eye in the Sky drone.

Pricing depends on several factors:

  • How many sets are being videoed?

  • How many people are being documented?

  • How many days are being skied?

  • How long do you wish your final video to be?

Of course weather is a factor.  The drone can not operate in poor light or poor visibility.  Rain or high wind are serious factors.  We hate to disappoint for any reason but we consider many factors when it comes to flight time.  Our vast experience in the world of aviation has taught us many very valuable lessons that translate even into the drone world.  First and foremost is safety!  Safety for the people.  We also must consider the potential risk to equipment and the quality of the end product.

We would like for you to take a moment and answer a few questions below.  This will help us make sure that we have the equipment available for your ski sets.  We also want to make sure that Capt. Thompson is available to fly and that all the batteries are charged for the drone.   Please take a moment and fill out this simple form to help answer a few questions for us.  This is not a binding agreement and no credit card or payment is due in advance.  This is to help us make sure that we can schedule your "Eye in the Sky" and  so that we can provide you with the best service.

    How many days will you be skiing?

    Great! Please select the date from this calendar.

    Please provide the date you are scheduled to ski.

    Great! Please choose the dates (one each) on these calendars.

    Great! Please choose the dates (one each) on these calendars.

    Great! Please choose the dates (one each) on these calendars.

    Great! Please choose the dates (one each) on these calendars.

    Will you be skiing more than one set per day?

    How many sets per day?

    How long a video would you like made?

    How do you wish for us to provide you the finished product?

    If you wish for your video to be provided on a USB stick we will need to know were to send it to. There is an extra charge for postage and the memory stick.

    City State Zip

    There is no extra charge for downloading a video. We will send a download link to the email listed above.

    We will use the name provided above to find you on the Ski Sets calendar. If there is an issue with scheduling we will email you right away. If the ski sets are under a different name please provide that information below.

    Video Pricing Estimator

    The form below can be used to get a general idea of what a finished video will cost.  There are several variables you can choose from.  This is just an estimator and not binding.   Once we have looked at the dates you have provided via the Video Request form (Also found on this page) we will confirm via email.  This form is provided so you can get an idea of cost.