Philip from Holland

I want to introduce you to a very special person who has a miracle story to tell and has beaten the odds in life and now found water as a sport he’s fallen in love with.
Philip from Holland was born with a debilitating Rheumatoid joint disease that normally if born with it you would have it for life. This was so bad for Philip, it would often put him in a wheelchair and through numerous treats he most over one year of school.

This disease of course prevented Philip from a normal childhood of sports and fun activities for the first 14 years of his life.
Then six years ago one week before the start of secondary school, Philip cut his foot quite badly and it got infected, where the Doctor were worried he my get gangrene! So they decided to give Philip a blood

transfusion in order to clear out the infection in his body and following  that transfusion a Miracle appeared to take place! The debilitating Rheumatoid Joint pain started to clear up and he started to feel much better through him whole body. Moving on five years. Philip ‘a family and his Uncles family went on vacation to Greece and Philip tried waterskiing for the first time. He amazing got up on two skis and then on one ski and fell in love with this sport he could now do. Philips Uncle who lives in Germany contacted me telling me this story and said he wanted to send Philip to our ski school for 10 days as a Birthday Gift. We set it up and Philip arrived thinking he was a left foot forward mono skier and after we talk through how he was introduced to the sport on the beach in Greece and had not gone through the proper step of lifting a ski to really discover the correct foot that should go forward in his ski. I suggested that we would start on two skis and go through these step to at least confirm that his left foot was intact the correct foot to go in front. Low and behold it turned out that Philip was actually far more stable on his right leg and getting up was so much easier!
We then start in the half course and then into main slalom course program in order to learn and complete the course during his time with us. Philip not only learned the course, but with both sets of gates and started working on increasing the boat speed! What an amazing feat, after all he had been though in his young life! Now having the prospect of being a great waterskier and who know maybe representing Holland one day in international competition. Thank you to Philips Auntie& Uncle Judith & Andre Hiebeler Philip will now be

training at Rooya Plas with Freek School and Gerard Kolthof at Nautique Benelux and join me in Europe on my Coaching World Tour stops in

Holland and Germany.