Welcome to the 2018 waterski season and our new Website Layout for
Jodi’s Ski Skool.com

It’s already mid February and the spring season is upon us, we are already rocking down here at our Orlando facility on Lake Gifford and plans are well underway to bring you our new 2018 World Coaching Tour Calendar by the end of this month where we are planning on working with over 400 skiers in 90+ days on 36+ locations in 15 countries on Four Continents around the World.
Keep an eye out for the full list of dates, venues and countries we will visit in 2018.

We are also launching a new initiative by the end of February called
Jodi’s Ski Team which is designed to support in this first year 12 young talented skiers from around the world who are not only passionate about the sport and their own skiing, but they are passionate to promote and spread the sport in their country. This initiative is a lead up program to our already 4 Years in place Spray It Forward Charity program set up to support all the College Waterski Team across the USA with donated equipment from Enthusiasts, Pro Skiers and the Manufactures within the industry.
With more than 409 skis collected and over 250 redistributed to schools across the States that now have the vital updated equipment needed to ensure safer training and competing for the athletes involved which ultimately develops the lifet long love for the sport and become ski parents who end up introducing their future children and family members to the sport!

One thought on “Spring is HERE

  • 02/15/2018 at 9:42 am

    It’s Mid February and spring is on the horizon for the Northern Hemosphior. It’s this time of year when water skiers are getting ancy and ready to get back out on the water feeling the spary shoot out the side of their ski, feeling the wind in the hair and against their faces and ultimately chasing down the little red buoys that can give the greatest sense of achievement, or alternatively can leave us with disappointment and frustration that can only fuel us the get back out on the lake and train more!

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